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2007 Abbey gts toilet flush fluid leak

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have a 2007 Abbey gts with the thetford electric flush toilet.

Noticed a small amount ( from what I can see ) of pink flush fluid in the shower tray..

Has anyone had a similar problem??

Had a Bailey with manual flush for years, never emptied the flush before travel and never had a problem.. 

is the electric version more prone to problems?? Do I have to drain the flush tank fully before travel?



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I always emptied the flush tank and cassette before travrlling. Asking for possible trouble having an amount of water sloshing around. 


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Can see the logic..

just wondered if there were differences between manual and electric flush units, apart from the obvious 😝, as towed a Bailey for many years and never emptied nor had a problem...??

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Whilst never having it full, towed with water in flush for many years. Never any issue with manual or electric flush. 
Do check the bowl is empty of residual flush water before moving off

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Hard to say how full it is, I would think around  half full..

As it’s a new van to me, might have to check it’s not leaking when flushing I guess as well..

Anyone stripped the unit down to check the internal pump/pipe work..?

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