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Bailey Phoenix+ 640 - First break and live in review

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Like many others we’re away in our new Phoenix+ and I though it maybe useful to detail our initial findings, even though we have the 640 they maybe applicable to the other models


  • Truma heating vs Alde - Truma system works very well and the control panel easier to use, when running the fan can be heard but only just and nothing to worry about. Aldi system has more consistent heat distribution I’ve needed to adjust the vents and temperature to get the living space and bedroom correct. Truma system only appears to have a single timer whereas the Alde has a day & night setting.
  • Bedroom - Area of concern was the shelf for our TV but this has been OK, if I had a choice it could be slightly higher. Wardrobes very surprised as to how big/deep they are, I was expecting to have difficult storing the TV but the bottom cupboard has plenty of room. Wardrobe doors open in a sensible way allowing cups to be placed on the shelf
  • Awning rail - Checked the rail and its perfectly clear of sealant.
  • Storage - Still getting used to where items are best located, due to weigh concerns under bed storage just used for lighter items as the spare wheel and table are stored here. Front under seat lockers OK would have been nice to have internal door access. Under sink and cooker storage better than Unicorn
  • Electric hookup cable - Supplied with a 90’ plug which reduces the amount it sticks out, so a positive 
  • Fridge - Updated fridge fitted, different to the one shown in the video, it’s better and the door opens the correct way, need to ensure the correct number of shelves are supplied, two door shelves and two steel shelves
  • Microwave - Dometic model supplied, has no glass rotation, not sure if this is good or bad but saves us have it to pack the glass plate whilst travelling.
  • Upper cupboard doors - These feel a little strange and inconsistent, the two cupboards above the seating area have stainless steel handles but the two cupboards above the cooking area do not have any handles and are push to close and a hidden clip to release. Both look OK just feels strange that  two types have been used. 
  • AL-KO Jack Points - We had jack points fitted, the off side bracket catches the pipe work and is not perfectly straight, will ask the dealer to check this but experienced a similar issue with another Bailey caravan we purchased in the past.


Items added:

  • Wash up bowl - This no longer supplied but relatively cheap Dunelm have  an Addis bowl for £2 and fits perfectly, probably the same as the one supplied by Prima.
  • Under sink cupboard - Purchase three plastic baskets 12cm x 12cm perfect fit 
  • Unicorn Items - Front cover, AL-KO lock, Wheel clamp all transferred and fit perfectly
  • Bed sheet clips - Simple idea and works well, as seen here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qZtACe_R5ZU&feature=youtu.be


Faults found:

  • Bedroom sliding door - Already mentioned elsewhere, door warped to be inspected WC 8th May
  • Bedroom window near side - Blind does not secure very well and randomly opens in the middle of the night, this window looks as if its had problems as the seals are also not fitted very well.
  • External fridge vents - Top vent requires clipping back in on a daily basis.
  • Gas locker external sticker - Needs replacing as its already coming off.
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Posted (edited)

After packing our Phoenix+ 640  away I decided to check the nose weight to ensure its correct, and to my surprise it’s was just 65kg which feels far too light, not sure what the ideal weigh should be  ideally hoping for 80-90kg but must not exceed 100kg.


The caravan has not yet been loaded or. packed, the rear wardrobes & cupboards are all empty and if loaded would reduced the nose weight even further, under the bed we have the spare wheel and four light weigh folding seats. So nothing substantial at the rear. Front under seat storage, only the near side has any items in, things such as power cable waste water container, pegs. The off side is empty but we’ll be putting our Cadac BBQ which is 15kg, gas locker has a single 7kg cylinder.


The reason for the detail is that I’m struggling to understand how I’ll increase the nose weight, especially when we add clothes to the rear wardrobes. We do have a 21kg Kampa awning that we could store just forward of the axle but I’d prefer the awning in the car.


Any ideas welcomed, if I use the 5-7% of MTPLM the minimum is 75kg, weight plate upgraded to 1500kg.



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my Estoril is same.

whatever you do don’t tow with clothes in wardrobe.  Your nose will go even lighter. I have to put all clothing on front benches en route and then put back in wardrobe for stay. 2x gas bottles will help also. And don’t put much in top cupboards at rear! 

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With our 640 we take all hanging clothes out of the wardrobe and lay on the bed! 
That helps nose weight!

2019 Bailey Platinum (640) Phoenix from Chipping Sodbury caravans, towed by our  2017 my Discovery Sport!


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Posted (edited)

A clip-top box full of tins and packets of food right at the front on the floor should do the trick! Easy to adjust it as well! 


Dont forget your car will have a maximum weight on the towbar allowance. Mine is 75kg 

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