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Victron Smartshunt install

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Hi all. Following advice from this forum I have bought the bluetooth Victron smartshunt battery monitor. Just a couple of questions so I don't incur the wrath of the Service department next service (and of course to be safe:)).

Is it ok to locate in the battery box - but not much room in there. So presumably better inside the van next to the other electrics? 

Secondly, presumably the negative cable from shunt to battery should be a) as short as possible? b) should this be with a soldered or crimped ring terminal and likewise the existing negative wire to the system minus?

I don't think the terminals have to be protected as the shunt itself is uninsulated.


Thanks for your help. 

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I would not mount in the battery box, as it is only IP21 rated. I mounted mine inside near the charger/power supply.

I don't think that there is a requirement for the cable from the shunt to battery to be as short as possible, if so I missed that in the installation instructions?


The other thing to note is that the bolt connections on the shunt are M10 so you may struggle to get ring connectors that will fit the exsisting thin cable from the original power supply. Because of that I fitted a negitive busbar and wired all connections through that.


( for neatness I fitted black rubber covers on the shunt connections but they are not really needed)




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