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I have a 2019 645 tandem caravan.  Have had some towing issues, with and now without bikes on the back.
Used to be perfect.  I could drive one handed quite easily.

I think I used to have a lot more weight in the front (On the below scale - 140kg)


A few months ago I bought a weight scale for drawbars - fits into the coupling.

It is set up at 420mm off the ground to centre of coupling, and I get the weight to 100kg.

Our 4WD can tow 3.5 tons.  Towball height (centre) is spot on at 420mm loaded.

Tyres are at 36psi.


But now we get some serious swaying issues which we never had originally.

Thinking about it, I don't believe that when the scale shows 100kg it is really that.  What I mean is that i can easily life the drawbar up a lot more.

When I had my boat, and it was at 100kg, it was hard to lift up much.


Tested it on a mates boat at 150kg - matched his reading.

So - I believe the dura torque suspension is not giving a true weight transfer and scale reading.  Yes it is being done on a level surface.

I have seen somewhere that you need a special scale for these tandems, and if so, doesn't seem to be available here in NZ.


Does anyone have a weight that I should use on the scale, that is correct.  i.e. is 120 or 140kg on this type of scale the same as a 100kg on the tandem scale.


We have a 4 hour trip on Friday so trying to get this right again.


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Bathroom scales and length of broom handle will enable you to compare the weight they show with your other guage

Experience is something you acquire after you have an urgent need for it.

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OK, tried that.

Drawbar scale showed 100kg.

Bathroom scales showed 87kg.

A difference of 13kg.


So i'll load up the scales by another 15kg to allow for this.

See how this affects the handling.

Will update after we travel down to the central north island.


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I bought one of these which I use for my twin axle.


Not the cheapest but supposedly accurate to a very small %age and agrees with our doctors surgery type scale.


Not sure if available in your neck of the woods though DM but are generally available on the internet.



Stay safe - Griff.  :ph34r:

Wheels at the front - Discovery 4. Wheels at the back - Bessacarr 845.

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Thanks Griff,


I'll see how we go this holiday weekend - ANZAC  -.

As above, will use 115kg on the scale and it should be close to 100kg.

Will have bikes on the back again, so will be a good test.

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ok, issue solved.


As simple as not enough weight on the drawbar especially when carrying bikes on the back.

Empty as picked up from the dealer with 120 litre water tanks mounted underneath, sat dish on roof, and additional solar panels, the van towed great, and as we added out stuff  - all good.


However when I got that nose weight gauge I set the weight at the indicated 100kg, which now turns out to be 87kg.

With 30kg of bikes on the rear that was just too much and threw it all out of balance.


Just done 5 days away with 4.5 hours each way over several grades of roads.

With 115kg on the gauge, true 103kg all was good.
Put awning up by the chest, 50 litres of water onboard and perfect balance and handling.



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I hope your caravan had sufficient payload for all that!! 

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Yep, 2,000kg plate.  We are at 1800 - 1850 kg.

Trying to get it across a weighbridge to confirm, but the cops are never out there pulling over heavy vehicles when I go past.

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I confess that I never had any issue with towing our twin axle caravans at normal speeds with two bikes on the rear of the caravans and 100 Kg noseweight, so I suggest that your first noseweight measurement may have been inaccurate. Alternatively you may have too much weight at the extremes of the caravan body. If this is the case then, while you may have the correct noseweight, a pendulum effect can take place if the weight is not concentrated over the axles.


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Unless otherwise stated, my posts will be my personal thoughts and have the same standing as any other member of Caravan Talk.

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Strange I can tow with two bikes on the back with a NW of 85-95kg with no issues.



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