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Hi there hoping for some advice,  we bought a Wilbury summer 2013 in July 2020 we got the keys on 1st august 2020 we completely scrubbed it etc changed blinds Curtains mattresses and managed 6 weekend stays before agreeing to pack up for winter , we vacuum packed everything we could stood up the mattresses sofa cushions etc left all cupboard doors open room doors etc everything was left open since me one suggested dehumidifiers we left them on and also cat litter in trays all over shower was cleaned and dried etc fridge freezer was also emptied and cleaned and turned off doors left open microwave cleaned and left open   , we had the intention in returning for the warden to show us how to do the drain down bit as travel restrictions were out in place we were unable to return so the warden done the drain down ( not sure when ) 

The park advised everyone to stay away due to the travel restrictions and covid restrictions that is until Friday 16th April 2021 

we returned to the van today and we’re shocked to find mould it was on the curtains which I’ve took down and boil washed  there was mould spots on small parts of the walls and ceiling not a lot but still I seen it I scrubbed every wall and ceiling with bleach the floor ( linoleum) also had some mould again I scrubbed with bleach  there were a few dots here and there on the cupboards which again I scrubbed with bleach inside the cupboards seemed fine except my pots were covered in mould  now the kicker the oven which was brand new didn’t appear to have mould but a tray and pan inside was covered in mould  

the bathroom was ok a few spots here and there again bleached but the toilet pan and toilet seat was covered in mould I scrubbed it all with raw bleach I found the mop Pail that I know was empty had water in it  I absolutely know it was empty when I left so how was it half filled with water  

everything is looking fine now I aired the whole van for hours and will be returning in 3 days 


I’m just really confused how we ended up with mould after being what we thought was careful. The dehumidifiers are electric so obviously soaked up the condensation in the air but then the water was still in the little compartments could it have been this ? 
thanks in advance 

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So sorry to hear this, it must have been a real shock and disappointment to you.

Two things come to mind - one is, have you checked for any leaks anywhere?

For mould to grow, there has to be moisture. We have had a lot of rain since your last visit,  could that be the cause of the mop bucket having water in it?

The other is, had you used the shower or even done some cooking a very short time before leaving? You may have thoroughly dried the shower and removed the wet towels, but there will still have been residual moisture in the air.

(The mop bucket being half full is so puzzling, are you sure nobody else has been inside the van, maybe to check or clean it?)

As far as electric dehumidifiers go, it is possible that the park shut down the electricity while it was closed, so they may not have been working all the time you were away, and (speaking personally) for safety I would not leave then plugged in and running when nobody is there - apart from anything else, they can develop a fault and overflow.



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As already pointed out, you need to check for leaks but also make sure any ventilation holes are not blocked. There might be some in the floor in all the rooms such as under beds. Leaving all the room  doors open helps with ventilation and if one end gets the sun any heat there can spread through the other rooms. It might be possible when you first cleaned everything part of the cleaner was left on things and this has gone mouldy.


A check to see if the electric has been off is to see if a clock on the oven has reset to 12:00 and is not showing the correct time. Rather than a dehumidifier being left on, it would have been better to leave the heating on at a low setting around 5 to 10°C which would lower the humidity and help avoid frost damage if not adequately drained down.

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20 hours ago, 2seaside said:

For mould to grow, there has to be moisture

And something for it to live on, nourishment.


On 19/04/2021 at 20:04, doughnuts111 said:

I found the mop Pail that I know was empty had water in it  I absolutely know it was empty when I left so how was it half filled with water  


The only way that a pail could have that quantity of water in it with no signs of water damage or staining else where, would be for it to be under a roof leak, I presume there isn't one, or as mentioned above, someone put water in the pail, presumably the warden when he did the drain down, I expect he has a set of keys because to do a drain down correctly access to the inside of the van is needed.

Common sense isn't a gift, it's a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn't have it.  :rolleyes:

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Yeah the warden has keys there is definitely no leaks in the roof infact we just had an inspection and everything was perfectly fine 

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