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Our Commodore tracker subscription is due for renewal. Knowing  that the standard Tracker requires you to notify the police if your van is stolen then they go and hunt for it makes me convinced that its not worth it.  I currently have two new insurance quotes.  Without tracker is more than £100 LESS that WITH tracker. Also, with a new for old policy, I am certain that if someone absconds with my van, after the hassle and damage caused by removing locks, E & P etc. then I dont want it back. I'll  have a new one thanks!! 


Any thoughts on this including third party DIY devices?



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I agree with you, that the passive  type tracker is a total waste of money. 
It could be weeks before you found van is missing, by which time it could be on another planet. 
I have a Phantom tracker, that is reactive. It’s linked to the alarm, so if the alarm activated, or the van moves, I get notification within a couple of minutes, and a follow up phone call. 
The subscription cost far exceeds the insurance discount, but I like being informed. I also find the ability to monitor the battery voltage via the tracker app has been invaluable during lockdown. 

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I've fitted on of these - it's not Thatcham approved, so no insurance discount, but for the price and £5pm subscription, it seemed a good idea. Very easy to install plus it has the facility to set up geofences for movement, vibration and a host of others which I probably won't use.  Notification can be by text or email (or both) although there is an additional subscription for texts and it sounds an alarm on your smartphone if it is activated.

Haven't tried it in anger as yet since the van hasn't moved since it was installed!

VW Touareg Escape towing a 2018 Knaus Starclass 695

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After the first year novelty wore off I didn't renew ours which was proactive.


Ours is new for old so yes a new one please if it goes missing.

Stay safe - Griff.  :ph34r:

Wheels at the front - Discovery 4. Wheels at the back - Bessacarr 845.

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A tracker does nothing to prevent the initial theft, and it just might assist in its recovery. 


 Even if a caravan gets stolen AND it has a tracker fitted you are still reliant on a Police Officer being in a position or near enough to keep a lookout for it. Think back to when you last saw a police car (outside if a major town) and ask yourself what are the chances of one being within 10 miles of your caravan if it gets nicked :blink:

Crooks these days are very tech savvy so, once physically stolen will know how to locate, and disable, any tracking device fitted.  Once that’s done that’s pretty much it as far as ever seeing it again.


Save your money, or invest in physical security measures. That’s what I have always done. 

Experience is something you acquire after you have an urgent need for it.

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