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Split wheel arch liner

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Just had a service yesterday and the engineer found a small split in the plastic wheel arch liner. Its about 8cms long and 3 mm wide. As a temporary measure he put some sealant on it.

I'm wondering if I could glue and pop rivet a patch over it for a more permanent fix.

Would this work and what would make a suitable, flexible patch. For glue I'd think of using sikaflex or ct1.

Any thoughts, especially from anyone who've experienced this would be most welcome.

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Did ours with fibre glass on the inside.


Any fixings need to be kept well away from the tyre - clearance is often tighter than it should ideally  be, hence my concern on pop rivets,


I had a 6" by 2 " hole caused by groceries being pushed against the liner that then touched the tyre the liner was then worn away by the tyre.


If you patch; how about a plastic roof felt support tray - same type of plastic, colour black, right thickness, flexible  and really cheap. Having discovered these trays since,  in retrospect, I would probably now have approached my repair differently.

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Thanks, to explain further, I can't get to the inside so will have to patch from underneath,  so the pop rivet heads will be more or less flush.


I like the idea of the support tray, never heard of them but the could be just the job.

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You can buy singles from wickes. There are  a 1.5m long and about 300mm wide. £2.00. 

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If you decide on the rivets make sure that you use sealed or waterproof versions or you may just be fitting a colander 

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