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Posted January 15, 2019 · IP  (edited)

So after having a full service done last week(16,000 miles) they found that the Kontiki 669 3.0l auto(manual with automatic shift) had a drive shaft leak on the off side. So i ordered the part from fiat (2 days order) and had it fitted via a fiat specialist today. I turns out this is a common fault and fiat have modified the seals accordingly. It took 2 hours incl. a full gearbox oil change. very specific oil for this vehicle, Tutella gl4.. Took 2.9 litres of oil and the measured amount coming out was just 2 litres. So  quite a significant thing to consider looking at. In the off side is just a seal but to change the n/s it involves a flange with a built in seal. Cost was seal £12 and labour £120(2 hours). Biggest part in terms of time was to remove the undertray, and the turbo intake pipe, to enable you to get to the seal its self.



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Posted January 15, 2019 · IP 

It always pays to have a good look over (and under) your vehicle especially for signs of leaks, sooner or later your gearbox would have been at risk.

Glad you managed to get it sorted, enjoy.

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