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Have you polished a Buccaneer roof?

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Hello all,


Just spent two days washing and polishing our Commodore.  I must say that an 8.16 meter 8 foot van is a serious job!

Has anyone polished a roof and if so, how did you do it being mindful of the risk of injuring the van, yourself or both!



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I used to use a 4’ long piece of 4” thick polystyrene insulation to kneel on and polished it while on the roof. A lot of manufacturers don’t recommend this and to be honest the thought of slipping & falling over 8 feet onto concrete means I don’t bother now. I use an extending brush and traffic film remover at the start of the season and clean the roof thoroughly followed by another wash with wash & wax. I use polish on the front/back/sides, including behind the edges of the windows.

2018 Volvo V90 and 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB

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The tricky part is moving to and from the step ladder! I did our Commodore last summer by kneeling on it. GaryB's suggestion to use a spreading medium is sound. I used 2 pieces of 20mm ply each about 60cm x 20cm with foam taped on the underside to avoid scratching the roof. Two pieces make it easier to move about.


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I use a length of scaffold board with a thick foam block stuck at either end. I had this from my motorhoming days.

The foam sits on the awning rails so the van walls take the weight and they are about 2 inch thick to hold the board away from the roof and allow for any flexing.

At first I used 2 boards but found that one was adequate and I can reach any part of the roof easily just by laying on the board.

Access is  by a wide base 3 point ladder, also padded

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Have you thought about having your van Ceramic Coated?


We collect our Commodore in a couple of weeks & it's booked in with a car detailing guy I've known for some time.


I've been a serial car changer over the years & can honestly say Ceramic Coating's  (not Gard X or similar) something I'd not be without.


I'll post some pics & a link at some stage, suffice to say (in my opinion) it's worth every penny:)

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I always polish ours but never have the roof-however before lockdown I did wash and leather/dry off the roof-then gave it a coat of Carplan number 1 topgloss -using an extendable washing brush with a cloth wrapped round it to rub on and off the coating-it really is so easy-like water-just rub till dry! 

And it seems to have been worth it-not many grey streaks yesterday-so could just do the easily accessible sides front and back . 

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