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Service manual for a Elddis Avante 464

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I am looking for a copy of the service manual for my Elddis Avante 464.


I have contacted Elddis who say I need to contact a reseller. They want to charge a fortune for jobs I can do if I can access the correct areas of the van.


Can anyone help

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Welcome to the forum. 

From what you write it sounds like you want a technical dealer manual rather than the typical classic user guides, or do you mean a simple user guide? 


Might be helpful if you state what these jobs are you are considering doing yourself, I would then hope with the vast experiences of the forum members someone will be able to advise accordingly.

Cheers, Martin

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Hi Martin, A dealer manual is what I need. At the minute I am trying to access the piping in the bathroom. There must be a way to remove the panels but I don't want to remove or break anything I don't have to as getting spare parts for this van is nearly impossible


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There are some legacy handbooks on the Elddis  website and if you follow the link on the Avondale heading it will get you to some on here and there are even more if you Google them. You do not give the age though which would help, as if anyone on here has one they might be able to help you. I do not think that you will get this except for a workshop manual though as the hand book does not normally have this information.

If nothing else works you could try the Elddis owners club, but they will need the year.

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