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What sort of gas connection?

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My daughter is renting a static to put in the garden during some major building work and she asked my for some advice. I have been a caravanner for many years, but only had a touring van so I’m not sure of one of the answers.


The gas connection to a static - is it the same as on a touring van? I.e. propane bottles? I ask because the place they are renting from suggests that need a CORGI registered fitter to connect the gas. Are they right?


All replies gratefully accepted.



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If the caravan is being transported to your daughters, perhaps the integrity of the pipework and joints need checking for leaks by 'pressure drop' method that Corgi use to check domestic meters/pipework.

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Will the rental company not certify when they site?


Its likely to be LPG but you need to ask whoever is supplying the van to be 100% sure. 

Same question about electric connection (it could just have 16A provision or could expect tails, all depends!), plus of course fresh and waste water and sewer/septic connections. The rental company should provide siting guidance you’d hope?

Cheers, Martin

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I think part of the problem is that my daughter's family aren't carvanners so they don't know to ask these questions. :D I have suggested that they ask, but I wondered if the gas supply is standard.


I have assumed that the builder will be able to deal with a temporary mains water supply from the house, and we know about the dangers of using a 13 amp plug connection - which is why gas will be important.


I have suggested that for 3 months they buy a porta-potti rather than try to deal with the sewage issue.

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For safety, I suggest that you get somebody who is gas-safe registered (Corgi registration stopped a long time ago) to check the gas appliances and connections.

Transporting and placing on site is quite brutal for a static, they do flex a lot, so regardless of any legislation, making sure that all the gas appliances and connections are fitted and working as they should be will be peace of mind for all of you.

Most gas appliances can be set to run on either mains gas or LPG, yours will probably be already set for LPG.


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Quite simply a static caravan falls under Gas Safe regulation which means any work carried out on the gas system MUST be done by a LPG qualified Gas Safe engineer.


Similarly the electric system is also governed by NICEIC and MUST be done by suitably qualified engineers.


Both gas and electric work must be certified by the relevant engineer.

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