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How much gas does a static use?

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How much gas  would you expect to use in a static caravan that has the heating on for 2 hours a day ? 


Somehow 2, 47kg bottles have emptied in a month not sure If this is correct? 



Also how much would you expect to use where gas is required for heating , cooking and heating the water ? 




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I think you are asking a “ length of string” question!


There are an awful lot a variables that will influence the answer. How hot you heat your caravan, what the difference in temperature between inside and outside is,  how  much hot Water you use (bath/shower?) how much cooking you do (hob/oven?) 



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As Mr Plodd says, there are many things that can affect the amount of gas you use, but 2 large bottles a month does seem excessive.  Get the pipework checked for leaks, including the flexible tails. 

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I've just spoken to a friend with a static on a 12 month site who went down ( pre Covid ) for 3 day weekends virtually every week, plus weeks away through out the year.


Mainly just himself and his wife but his children and grandchildren often descended, so quite mixed use.


As others have said it's a piece of string, depending on the age of the van, the class and quality of insulation ( some can be insulated to holiday use spec, or higher permanent residence spec which he ordered )  and glazing, the age and set up of the boiler, keeping room doors shut and so on, use of hot water, temp. and length of showers etc.


He has had statics for around 40 years and has got to grips with improving gas consumption, saying that he fits 50mm Cellotex underneath the floor, skirts around the van and a room thermostat, carefully balances all radiators and sets all TVR's to what is needed in each room.


One thing he does say is that he doesn't wander round in a T shirt and shorts in the depths of winter or cold weather with the heating whacked right up, like many do, he just puts on warmer clothes.


With his set up in summer he can sometimes get a month or more out of a bottle, in a cold winter one could only last a week.


This may give some insight for you.


Ask other van owners what their consumption is.


His average usage in summer can be as low as

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also if it's on a thermostat it will cut off when it reached the correct temperature.  I would suggest talking to your neighbours and asking what their average bill is for gas.

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A 47 kg cylinder will provide approximately 650 kWh of energy.  Two = 1300 kWh.


Approximately 2 hrs a day, with 30 days in a month = 60 hours - say 65 hours to make the sums easy for me ;)  = a 20 kW boiler running flat out every day for those two hours-ish. 


Static style LPG combi boilers are typically 24kW or 30kW max output and may modulate to a lot less once things have warmed up and TRVs etc.,. kick in.  Hot water will use near full capacity but for shorter periods.  You'll need to find the rating plate and or manuals for the one installed in your caravan.


All gas items should have rating plates, and lpg ones often state a grams per hour (g/h) figure at the rated heat output so one can do calculations based on known use?   (e.g. A Hotpoint 50 cm double oven has seven (7) burner ratings each in the 71-186 g/h range, with just under 900 g/h being the maximum - you can't have the grill and one oven on at the same time.)

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ive said it before with people renting out in colder months for as little as £150 week  a van can easily use a full bottle gas in a week no problems,  i retro fitted a room thermostat and noticed a massive saving compared to the year before if you haven't got one get one fitted 

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During winter months I use the gas periodically for about 2 hours each day for heating and then between times of use rely on the electric fan heater to keep the living area up to temperature.

Two people shower daily - and all the usual cooking.

I get about 16 days from a 19KG bottle.

I did have one 19kg bottle consumed in 11 days - but I found the bottle connection was leaking.

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