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On friday 27th november we think around 8 pm we had our caravan stolen.Swift challenger 544 sport  year 2013.

we had a hitchlock and wheel clamp fitted and was in storage, but the thieves got past the security items.

it was taken from Lowton, near warrington, and we believe it was towed away by a silver VW Passat and 2 sightings where reported of this vehicle towing it, and  believe part of the registration plate was LC06 O..  and was last seen heading towards the A580 at around 8 pm.

The caravan is CRiS registered, and the CRiS reg number SGDST3ESWD0889972  is etched on all the windows, and our details are written in ultra violet sensitive pen in various places inside, along with micro dots in various places.

Police have been informed and they have the suspected car details in full.

if you have any information please contact me. (Use the PM system, please) 

many thanks


Mod edit: Phone number and email address removed. 






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Very sorry to hear about this 😟.   Apparently, Covid has meant that there has been a huge demand for used caravans, and the shortage has pushed the prices a bit higher.   We will keep our fingers and paws crossed for you that the police find it quickly and no damage done.

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There are a couple of fairly recent threads on CT where vans have been stolen using a silver estate car, some with good CCTV of the car and perpetrators,  I can't remember the make though, possibly a mod or admin could point out the particular topics which may help you.


As Yorkshire says, due to Covid there has been an upsurge in demand for second hand vans and as with anything where demand outstrips supply some folk see a quick way to make an easy buck.

Common sense isn't a gift, it's a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn't have it.  :rolleyes:

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I had my caravan stolen a couple of years ago from a secure site in Denton, Manchester.  Anyway, the insurers paid out and I got a new caravan, they then dropped me.  The police were no help.  We got the plates from the white van that towed my caravan away from CCTV.  They were registered to a black BMW.  It too had a hitchlock, a wheel clamp and steady lock.  The hitchlock was a Milenco, with Sold Gold, but the thieves cut through it like a hot knife through butter.


My new caravan now has a new hitchlock (same one as its sold gold), a Milenco Wraith wheel lock, a wheel clamp (both on same wheel), another wheel lock on the other wheel, and a steady lock (I'm looking at getting another one).  You may find it hard to get caravan insurance, and if you do, you could be paying sky high rates.  After two years, I changed insurers and my premium actually came down £500.  I was so pleased, because if it was the same or more this year, I was going to give it up.


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Sorry to here of your loss. I agree he current high prices for second hand models will have made them more attractive to thieves. You might check the likes of e bay to see if you can spot it but I am afraid the chances of getting it back look slim.

Insurers will look at  the circumstances after a theft and will normally ask for extra precautions if nothing else. I would think any that just say no are not worth insuring with, and would avoid them in future.

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