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Plastic coverings

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I've been looking at caravans for a long time and the thing that puzzles me, besides all the damp issues, weight issues etc, is that I see caravans for sale and they have plastic on the seating.  Is this something that anyone really does  ? 

My suite at home came with plastic coverings but I couldn't leave it on, surely it's the same with caravans.

These are private sales by the way, I could understand a dealer doing it on second hand models with loads of people trying them out.

Just a strange observation I noticed, so own up, who actually does it ? 

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It’s something I have never encountered. Temporary Film protection on floor coverings yes, but furniture, definitely not.


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Have never come across polythene on seating but a few of us with pets use loose throws for protection.

Stay safe - Griff.  :ph34r:

Wheels at the front - Discovery 4. Wheels at the back - Bessacarr 845.

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In my experience when coming across plastic wrap/covering on upholstery 95%  of the time the vehicle has/is owned by a member of the "traveller" community.

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Here's one:

2017 Hobby


And another

2010 Swift Challenger


This is an example of what I mean.

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I believe that fitted plastic covers are an official option or accessory on Hobby's.

Polythene covers are quite reasonable on a dealer's forecourt where many people may be traipsing in and out during wet weather.

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