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Northern and Southern Ireland - Sites and Places of Interest

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Just heard that my friend will be getting a month's leave next year and since his family originates from Ireland, he wants us to take the caravan over .... Which makes perfect sense to me!  If anyone has been, can you recommend Sites and POI (Places of Interest) that you really appreciated.  We are going to cheer ourselves up by planning the route ahead of time 😊  Yes, I know it is all dependent upon Covid but we all need something to concentrate on to get us through!  Thank you!

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Without knowing which areas you plan to visit it is difficult to advise. However we did a months tour of Southern Ireland last year and a few weeks in Northern Ireland the year before so here are a few ideas of popular tourist areas that you may visit:


Ballyness Caravan Park Bushmills  Co Antrim- one of the best sites we have visited. 

  • Almost next to Bushmills Distilleray
  • 5 mins to Giants Causeway
  • Antrim Coast, Carrick-a-Rede, Dunluce Castle etc etc


Flemings White Bridge Caravan Park, Killarney - very nice site and very close to Killarney town centre

  • Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsular
  • Lakes of Killarney, Gap of Dunloe

Camac Valley Tourist Caravan and Camping Park Dublin - site facilities a bit dated but good location for visiting Dublin City. Bus stop at gate to site.


If you have an idea of the route you may be taking then I am sure you will get more recommendations

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