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Any problems that universal caravan covers have damaging aerials vents etc

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I am fitting a universal cover to my caravan for the first time this year

Do the covers pull on them and have people ideas as to how to protect them (aerial and flue), especially as excessive movement due to cover might cause the seals around the fittings to break leading to water ingress


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I will say "thank you" to Jeff for that piece of information as well ☺

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I know caravan covers is a marmite thing, but I have never seen the point of them , unless you are parked under trees in storage. Where I store my van, there are 1000+ caravans / motor homes and you could count on one hand the number of covers being used. 

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I have a custom Pro-tech cover that takes account of the extras on the roof i.e. air con and wind out awning, as well as the standard aerial. The cover doesn't fit tightly around such items but is sort of 'domed' where necessary so that the cover clears the items but fits correctly around the perimeter of the roof and hence down the sides. Hope this makes sense.

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It depends on what type of aerial you have. If it's one of the more modern types that retracts part way then it won't be a problem.

I have a universal cover and the only precaution I needed to take was to fit corner protectors on the solar panel. As it comes from the factory the mitred aluminium frame corners can be razor sharp!

So it might be worth checking your flue for sharp edges just in case.

These last two would be worth checking even if you had a bespoke tailored Saville Row cover fitted ;)


There are a range of universal covers made of a range of fabrics and a range of prices and some fit better than others.




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