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Cliff fall in Canaries


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35 years ago we had a camping holiday at Skipsea. The pitch we were on is now on the beach, about 30 yards from the cliff. 

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I have been holidaying in the Valle Gran Rey for three decades of winter sun.

The track that was covered in cliff fall is well known as being unstable to the locals.

The people that use it are tourists completely unfamiliar with the islands dangers.

Unfortunately the track is very convenient to the harbour beach and the excellent sea food restaurants.

Parking space is non existant so the unwary park on the narrow unstable track.

There are fallen rocks all over the place the dangers are obvious.

Rock falls are common 30 years ago you would drive around a corner and find half the road had fallen a thousand feet into the sea.

The warning was a white painted line around the rim😊

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Last winter there was a huge cliff fall in Norfolk where we regularly walk the dog, https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2020-01-06/north-norfolk-coastal-cliff-has-collapsed-into-the-sea-leaving-caravans-at-risk-of-falling


Holiday makers regularly sit under these cliffs and let there kids climb them, one mother we pointed out the risk to just said she'd rather her kids were up there than in the sea, there's just no telling some people. 


We don't walk close to the cliffs at any time.


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