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Satellite Dish ?

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I would use a dish and tripod as stated above for the same reasons! I have one of THESE. An easy Find LNB and a Comag receiver. Use it when we go to France and else where in the UK if TV reception is poor. All the years using a Satellite system, never had any issues with theft?

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20 minutes ago, Woodentop said:


I would guess you will so long as the viewing card is valid, but if the old card is cancelled immediately, then your suspicions are likely right. Don't think about removing the HDD as the programmes are encrypted on the disc.

I'm pretty sure people on here report taking the card from Q box to HD+ boxes in caravans? 


But it's against $ky T&Cs to take the Q box/card away from the registered address ;)  check out the $ky community forums :ph34r:


Q lnb is wideband and won't work an older legacy HD+ box.  Hybrid LNB has both wideband Q and legacy outputs.  Card pairing/re-pairing needs a functioning satellite signal.



I can assure you the multi-room boxes do work, I've been using one for a decade or more.

Without a viewing card you get BBC1 London and ITV Central West (i.e. Brum.) 

Ah 'twas Central ITV as the old default region!

Your experience with it predates the latest $ky methodology (as I understand it, I was corrected on AVForums about it a few years back).

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On 14/11/2020 at 17:53, Mr Plodd said:


The downside to the small size/weight is the ease with which it could be stolen so it need to be “taken in” whenever it’s not in use. Yes a tripod and dish is even more nickable, but costs considerably less. 

Thats why I chain it through the reinforced handle to the nearest solid object. 

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On 14/11/2020 at 13:16, Ern said:

What can you get with a dish that you cant get with the antenna already fitted to the caravan? What is the additional weight of the roof mounted dish (perched 2.6M above the ground), and can you afford to use up that payload?  


We tour in Scotland you can forget antenna reception on the sites we use for reliable reception eg anywhere along the west side of the Kintyre peninsula unless you like the dire offerings of Irish tv(in our opinion)

Its got to satellite for us postcoded for our own local area of course😊

From the theft point of view ebay dish £26 quad LNB £16 Satgear tripod £20 inc cover.

3 seasons use who would pinch that set up?

Connected to Humax twin tuner and very heavy Panasonic tv.

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On 14/11/2020 at 12:41, WispMan said:

.......I think others get Sky Q in their vans but don't know how. 


Can confirm now that Q works using my caravan dish and tripod with a hybrid LNB.


Only thing that does not work is voice activation as not connected to the internet but that is no bother so another success despite the scaremongering.

Stay safe - Griff.  :ph34r:

Wheels at the front Green Oval Towing Machine

Wheels at the back Bessacarr 845

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