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Kampa caravan cover

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This is why some of us don't use covers!


And :welcome:to our great forum where we get conversation not condensation!


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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We use a towing cover, I considered a full cover but the van is outside our house and we us it from time to time so it would get a bit inconvenient. We keep the towing cover on though for some protection.

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I use a Protec breathable cover which shrugs off rain. Could be the quality of the material used. Shouldn’t have to but maybe some fabsil  or similar may help.

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You will struggle to get a definitive answer on this topic because personal experience appears to vary dramatically from owner to owner with a full spectrum from avidly "for" to equally avidly "against". 


We use a full cover which goes on (aided by a purpose built hinged frame) at the end of every single trip away.

Our cover is made of a multi layer, breathable heavyweight fabric.

Our only precautions are:

To take it off when dry and put it on when dry. Our van is at home so hitting a weather window is no real problem.

To make sure the van is clean befofe putting it on.


We have never had any condensation issues or even the faintest of musty smells.

We have never had any abrasion issues even though the covered van is exposed to the wind.


We don't use a cover to keep the van clean, although that is a bonus. We use a cover because caravans are still assembled using materials that visibly deteriorate far too quickly when exposed to UV.  You can normally age a caravan by the degree of yellowing.

It frustrates me that domestic plastic window frames can stay white for 25 years, but caravan plastics can lose their new colour after 12 months!


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First off, on the assumption that this condensation is on the inside of the caravan and not between the cover and the caravan..........


The moisture that forms the condensation has to come from somewhere.


As you say you are new to caravanning I am assuming (dangerous thing to do I know) your caravan wasn’t purchased new? If it was new then ignore the rest of this post, if it was used then please read on.


Did you buy from a dealer or privately? If privately Have you/did you have a full damp check carried out on your caravan prior to purchase as it could and I cannot over stress the word could, have some damp present that is coming out into the caravan and forming the condensation you are finding. 


Another thing to look at is to check that the previous owner didnt block up the “drop vents” in the caravan floor. These are normally round plastic mesh covered holes about 4” in diameter found in the spaces under the seats and bed and are there to allow any LPG gas that might leak into the habitation area to escape AND to provide ventilation which I have found to be absolutely essential. 


Oh, and welcome to Caravan Chat 

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Experience is something you acquire after you have an urgent need for it.

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