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Wiring Electrolux 4271 3 way fridge

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Can someone please help? I’m trying to reinstall the above fridge (it wasn’t me who took it out)


Can someone help me with wiring the 240 and 12 volt please? 

thank you 


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As far as I remember the three terminal block on the left (in your picture) is for the mains connection whilst the block to the right is for the 12volt service.   However, you are messing with a possible lethal situation.   Even more so when you come to connect the gas which is over on the opposite corner .   Unless you carry out a leakage test on the gas system, you could be looking at an explosion.   You really should get a mobile engineer to do it for you.

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Thank you for your reply. 

I actually posted on behalf of my partner who’s doing the works. He’s pretty competent and that was his gut feeling he just wanted to check. 

No gas in the caravan at the moment (he’s rebuilding it from a shell) but he won’t take chances  - it’ll all get professionally checked as he goes along



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