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buyer trying it on

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20 hours ago, caro1510 said:

ingress in a cupboard, some 2 months after buying the van.  nothing to do with damp

Apologies but generally water ingress = damp however you want to word it.


13 hours ago, caro1510 said:

the ad stated that it was serviced and would be prior to sale.

Being pedantic, then if they pursue this, then it will boil down to what constitutes a service.


I still dont understand why you never gave them the report from the 2019 service,

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I'll base my judgements on professional knowledge, experience and expertise, not speculation or insulting stereotyping of legal professionals. I don't own a luxury car and I don't smoke.

Not at all, but if the OP has stated that the van is "dry" and that subsequently turns out not to be the case then the van was misrepresented at the time of sale, if the purchaser can provide evidence

Assuming you made no misleading claims and gave no misleading information you should have no need to be concerned. The fact that problems have arisen since their purchase that you were unaware existed

Having looked through this topic again, it might just be the buyer is just having a moan and does not intend taking things any further. Their issue of not having a service this year might have arisen if their insurer has asked if it has been serviced within the year, our insurer asks each time we renew the policy. If they only wanted the caravan for somewhere to stay for re-enactments I suspect there have not been any this year for them to go to. Damp in a cupboard might just be condensation, I had this at a service once with the recommendation to check again since they suspected condensation and on checking again in a few weeks it had gone and never appeared again.

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