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Largest caravan without fixed bed?

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Our preference is a dinette without fixed bed and so larger living area. We have a large dog and he likes to sleep with us and the lounge bed conversion is better for this! 

we currently have a compass rallye 530 which is 5 years old. Works well but thinking of upgrade to newer and larger. 

I can’t find any newer or larger vans preferably with twin axle with same or very similar layout. I know fixed bed and transverse seems to be the trend now.  The compass casita looks good but this also has a fixed bed. 

Any recommendations? 

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I do not know of any two berths with no fixed bed on a twin axle chassis. The largest ones I can see are just under 5 m and include Adria Altea Aire, Elddis Affinity 454/ Compass Capiro 520, Swift Elegance 480  and Swift Challenger 480 in current models. The Coachman Arcadia 520 might be worth considering with its side dinette which lets you have breakfast before you take the bed down. There are a few other models with this layout if that interests you.




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Up until this year Coachman have done a twin axle side dinette model (620) in their Laser range. They dropped the Laser range in 2018 but did a VIP 620 model instead. It moved back to the Laser range for 2019, but now seems to have been dropped. You may get a good recent used model, but beware they are heavy vans.


2019 Ford Kuga 2. 0 (150 bhp) AWD Manual and 2017 Coachman Pastiche 565.

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