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Just About To Get Into Caravanning

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I think it is very rare for a new caravanner to get the right layout first time as you have not the experience to guide you and everyone is different in what they want.


If you think that you have found the right layout sit in the van and mentally go through your day. Get up, where are you going to store the bedding if you don't have a made up bed, keep your underwear and the breakfast cerial and toaster, use the washroom or go over to the toilet block, keep the dog bed, will you be doing much cooking or eating out, is the fridge big enough etc etc.


The longer you can put off buying next year I suspect the better choice you will have. So many people bought caravans and motorhomes this  year to avoid going on planes and a lot of them will be back to their normal choice of holiday next year. Others will have found a new holiday style that most of us on here love and hopefully you will too.


Caravanfinder is a good site for looking at layouts of vans which may not be at the dealers at the moment.

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Thoroughly agree with this. And if it's possible to visit actual caravans in exhibitions or dealers' lines, then sit in them and go through the exercise LTCaravanner suggests.
With your wallet locked.
We were lucky, this helped us find our ideal layout first time.
But it does mean a few times of letting the adrenaline surge go by without acting on the impulse :)

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There is no such thing as "we'll just pop into the dealer, no to buy anything, just to take a look." How many of us on CT have said that and walked away with a new caravan?


What you need or want from a caravan changes as your use of it changes. In our case not having a fixed bed but a side dinette and larger lounge was fine when we were away for just a few week at a time. However after being away for 6 months the thought of making up the bed again every night sent shivers down my spine.


Now we have a fixed bed and a mid bathroom. Yes, there is a smaller lounge but oddly the caravan feels bigger (well it is actually as our current 'van his a twin axle) despite the smaller lounge as it is more house like with proper separate rooms.


But we are all different and all want different things, the difficulty in choosing your first caravan is that you don't really know what you want or need!


Good luck to Saintsman (if he reappears)



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18 minutes ago, Blackhart said:

There is no such thing as "we'll just pop into the dealer, no to buy anything, just to take a look." How many of us on CT have said that and walked away with a new caravan?



Ain’t  that the truth!!


Went to the NEC a couple of years back to buy a new porch awning, and got one at a good price. 


It was the new caravan to go with it that cost me!

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Experience is an awful teacher who ends up sending you simply horrifying bills

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