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Milenco Leveller on Twin axle with suspension

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I found the first 3/4 of the screw only took up the suspension before lifting the van. It appeared the screw was too short. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

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Depends what you are trying to do.


On a single axle, lifting the suspension will lift the van and I had no problems with mine.


You can increase lift by placing wooden pads under the three main contact points to increase the lift. This will ensure that the first part of the thread isn't wasted just taking up slack, but care will be needed. Again this worked for me until we went E&P.


If you are trying to lift the side of the van on a twin axle using one leveller with the other wheel on the ground you will definitely use a fair bit of screw travel raising the suspension of that wheel without much obvious effect. It will also be very hard work when the "van lifting part" is reached.

It is OK if you have two for a twin axle levelling (but expensive and heavy and doesn't help with AL-KO wheel lock fitting).

If you are trying to lift both wheels off the ground using one leveller (to fit an AL-KO wheel lock on the other wheel for example) it is always going to be hard work and a struggle to get enough lift.

I wouldn't really recommend this leveller for a twin axle for levelling or wheel lock fitting.

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Thanks Ukzero I wished I’d have been told this before I bought it. Milenco have suggested I buy a 2nd one, @£95. Expensive lesson learned.


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