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Best electrical connector protector

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There was a conversation on here about which was the best lubricant to stop electrical connections corroding. Some recommended WD-40 but this is the best stuff.




I discovered it about ten years ago and use it regularly. It's never let me down.  

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£35 but you get a huge quantity - all of 100gms 😀



Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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We sell conductive grease with some of our underground LV cable accessories (link boxes), we source it from RS Components for a couple of quid for a 100ml tube.  There are some very "trick" conductive greases out there but for car/caravan 12 volt stuff you don't need anything fancy.

2018 Volvo V90 and 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB

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My work bought it for me so I wasn't bothered about price.


I have electrical connectors inside roadside cabinet boxes. I tried everything and as I said before this is the only thing that works. Everything else I've tried has been rubbish.


Buy cheap buy twice.

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