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Rough caravan trader/scammer from Peterborough

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On 25/10/2020 at 11:07, Wildwood said:

Never see it anywhere other than the sellers private address,

I store my van at the dealers storage yard, no access to keep it or even get it down the street where I live, so this advice would cause me an issue. I am looking to sell next year so will have to bear this in mind.


I sold my old, damp 1990's Elddis in 2011  on ebay, but the buyer persuaded me to take it off ebay and sell for cash. It was described as spares or repair as the front end was rotten, although still nice inside. 


No problem with the sale other than he was a chancer, who told me sob stories about being divorced and wanting to take his daughter on holiday at half term and haggled over the price.  Then he couldn't pick it up, and could I deliver for a tenner. As the storage was up for the year, I needed to sell that week, and the missus said just get rid so I accepted his offer.


Anyway he got me to drop it off in a council estate car park (near his sisters!!). He paid OK  (£200) but I saw another old van parked there so I knew he was selling them on.  I took the number plate off whilst he was looking around then I gave him a receipt saying sold as seen and that was that.


I checked on ebay the next day, and there was my old van, with a colourful description of the previous owners, an old retired couple who were giving up caravaning. ( I was 46 at the time and took my Dad along) and had the cheek to put in dont make any offers. He did sell it for £450 but there was no mention of ant damp on the ad. I followed him on ebay for a year or so, selling parts and old vans, then he disappeared.

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Much like where i posted a reply to this on another forum


With the motor mover I bought on Ebay, which was being sold as the owner was selling his caravan. I got a really quite new mover for £200


The following week, 2 more movers up for sale by the same person, 2 more the week later.


Somehow, I doubt he owned that many caravans. Presumably they were selling movers taken off from stolen vans.


Who knows, could have been honest (ish) like a caravan dealer selling them separately for more profit. Somehow, i doubt it.



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