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Water system in 1994 Bessacarr Cameo 470/2

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After a long break we have just got ourselves a new (to us) caravan


its as title, a 1994 Bessacarr Cameo 470/2 (yes really) luckily it’s been really well looked after l.....


it has an on board water tank which we assume has been retro fitted and all works great. However, you can only fill it using a hose. 

so the work around is easy enough aquaroll/pump/hose connection but my question (finally) is 


what was the original water set up for this van as there is no evidence of the traditional hatch with pump that’s standard in a lot of vans on the outside of the van (ie) there’s no evidence the van ever came with a means of getting water in from a barrel outside)


I was wondering if anyone in here knew the original set up for these vans 



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7 minutes ago, Stevan said:

Why do you assume that the onboard tank was retro-fitted?

It might not be but It looks too new. It’s not really a water tank more like a water container/square barrel. The hose connection comes out through the floor of the van and has been siliconed around. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ original 


the hose just hangs down under the van and it came with a new blue concertina hose which connects via a standard hose lock - just doesn’t look ‘finished’ in the sense that usually with a caravan everything sort of tucks away

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