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Help! Estimate cost to have bathroom fitted back to caravan? Thanks

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I came across a hard-to-find Adria Toura caravan tha I like and can afford. However the previous owner removed the bathroom, which she didn't need, in order to make it more spacious. How much I should look forward to spend if I want to install the bathroom with toilet, sink and shower?  The owner does not have the original parts. I just need an approximate figure to help me understand if it's worthed financially. Thanks a lot! 

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Will you be touring or will it be sited permanently? 

It's going to cost a lot so I'd find another van if I was you. 

Caravan breakers will be your best source for parts but will they fit the space in your caravan? Unlikely 



Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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You havent given much information. Assuming the compartment hasnt been taken out of the caravan and you only need to  buy the parts and fit them, I would estimate £1500. If the compartment panels have been removed then its going to be extremely difficult to replace them and the cost could be megga bucks. As Wispman has said, its not likely to be cost effective to do, so find another caravan which doesnt need such a n expensive repair.


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I believe the whole thing has been taken out, so definitely it's not going to be cost effective.  I will be travelling abroad so a shower in the caravan is a must. 

Thanks a lot for your prompt replies Guys, will keep my eyes open and look for a better deal. 

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