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Elddis Avante 636 front rot

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We have just purchased a 15 year old Elddis Avante 636 as a private purchase thinking we had a good deal and expecting some damp issues (yes we signed a sold as seen). 

The interior and exterior looked great to us being new to caravanning. However on spending the day cleaning and loading we have found some worrying rot at the front!!

Seems the water is coming in from the seals either side of the two front windows shown. This has moved on to rot the main window sill which is obscured by plastic inside.  A give away I suppose was the bubbling of the fibre glass in the picture shown which we didn’t see or even realise was sign.

We only noticed when we went round and cleaned all the seals from the outside.

There are a few you tube guides on replacing the front frames and sill. Has anyone carried this out?

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Sorry to hear of your problem. We had a  2004/5 636 as our first caravan. Wonderfully stable tow and so much space. We had 9 sleeping in it one night waiting for a ferry. 
Good luck with your repairs. 

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