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Calling all Alicanto owners 😀

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For the limited period (an hour or so?) you are stationary whilst en route somewhere you don’t need to have the fridge running on gas. Think about how people manage on ferry crossings, they are often 6+ hours (or even longer) We have done a few ferry trips to Spain without any fridge issue. We just  make sure it’s hyper cold inside before leaving home and don’t open the door. 

And why would you want the heating on whilst travelling? You won’t be inside and by the time you are set up on site the heating will have warmed up well anyway!


I feel you are making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill here, if a CS is that important to you they are available as an aftermarket fit. The fact that you have only now discovered the alleged “omission” indicates that rather than check the full spec you made an assumption, which is never a good idea.


(How long before someone suggests you reject the caravan ? :rolleyes:)

Experience is an awful teacher who ends up sending you simply horrifying bills

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It's the remembering bit that worries me 😂😂

My opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it.;)

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