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Think it’s time

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...to close our static down 🙁

We’ve been at home for two weeks and are heading down to our static tomorrow, hopefully before the travel restrictions come in, us living in one of the areas likely to be most affected, and our static being 200 miles south.

I’m not sure how long we’ll stay, could be a couple of nights, could be up to two weeks, depends on a number of things. But our intention is to sort everything out, defrost the freezer, do a thorough clean and close it down for the season however long or short we stay.

I feel quite sad that the season has come almost to an end, but also will be quite relieved to close the door on it until next March.

I wonder what next season will bring, in terms of how much we’ll all be able to use our statics? 🤞it’ll be better than this year but who knows 🤷‍♀️

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We are in Scotland on a 12 month site not been the best of years we only got the keys end Feb then the site was closed a few weeks after thought we were getting a good deal with the first years fees threw in on the deal that soon went pear shaped for us, no travel restrictions for us yet but the way things are going there sure could be, so im not holding my breath we received a £500 credit for lack of use which will at least pay our piped gas and electric for a few months, looking ahead to next year cant be any worse or could it ? 

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Gosh Harrison, that seems a lot for a few months gas and electricity, although I suppose you use more for heating up there than we do down here. 

When we arrived on our site there’s Q code thingy next to the barrier card reader, which we have to scan so they know who’s on site, which is actually pretty empty...

As the weather forecast is looking promising for at least the next week, we’ve decided to stay for a bit longer than originally intended unless of course things COVID related change and either the site has to close early or we need to go home to comply with restrictions.

Hopefully next year you’ll get more use from your van Harrison, it must have been very disappointing to have it sat there and you unable to use it 🙁 

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site was shut around 4 months we probably missed about 2 weeks holiday and a few weekends only but have made up for lost time since, the few months bills  should have been a few quarterly bills probably be the best part of next year i would say 

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