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Whale pump problem

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2 hours ago, Stevan said:

Water from a borehole will not be chlorinated. It is the chlorine in UK tap water that keeps algae (the cause of the "slimy feel") and bacteria under control.

Borehole water can be perfectly safe, but can also be very dangerous.


I doubt anything coming via the borehole filters would be able to block a pump, and as you say it not being Chlorinated will allow organisms to survive in the water, which shouldn't be a problem, mankind has been drinking such water and worse for thousands of years.


Nothing to do with a faulty pump, but I wonder if the water has been accredited as fit for human consumption ( checked for organisms , metals and minerals injurious to health ) directly from the borehole and if the supply is directly from the borehole or to a tank to smooth out fluctuations in supply and demand.

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22 hours ago, Coachy said:

Thanks for all your advice on this. We returned home at the weekend set everything up the same and everything worked perfect. We contacted the cl and the water is supplied via a borehole so they are checking the supply but I don’t know if anything could cause the problem. I did notice that the pump hose had a slimy feel to it when removing it even though it was being taken out every day. 

We experienced our pump would not deliver to the van as it was attacked by masses of air bubbles, the owner confirmed he pumps water up from his borehole, he said he has had several vans water system play up. Leaving the water butt filled overnight with the pump out cured the problem. Never had it since. 

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That reminds me.  Advice as to how to use the aquaroll pump used to suggest plunging the pump up and down into the full aquaroll 4 or 5 times to rid it of any air bubbles.  I can't remember whether that was in the caravan handbook or in the instructions that came with the pump.  I don't know if the OP tried "plunging".

Years ago in Lincolnshire we had a borehole that reached an aquifer through chalk.  The water was very hard and kettles used to fur up quickly.  If we drew water from an outside tap it used to take a while to clear.  Think "alka seltzer" for a few minutes  - I imagine that wouldn't help a caravan pump iether.    Quite rare now I suspect and the few remaining boreholes usually feed a header where sediments and air should settle out.

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