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Confusion about noseweight

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17 hours ago, Paul1957 said:

I hope you are not getting too confused by all the things being mentioned. The thing about axle loads in simple terms means do not overload the car. Somewhere you will have the car max load, should be in its handbook (likely to be 400 to 500 kg) so this is the most you can put in the car including the weight of people. I would think it very unlikely you will overload the car unless you put in 4 large adults with a lot of heavy stuff. 

Only likely to be me, my husband and 3 young grandchildren, plus our suitcases, heavy-ish 9-pole windbreak,  awning, awning carpet, folding table, chairs, surfboards and foodstuffs - and some of that would fit in the caravan I imagine.


Another helpful answer.  Thank you. 

23 hours ago, PaulR said:

Maybe not blocks of wood ;)  but https://mad-suspension.co.uk/trailers-and-caravans/

That's what Volvo fitted though and it worked.  However your suggestion above looks like a great and rather better idea.

On 04/10/2020 at 19:37, Mr Plodd said:

I have used These  to great effect on my Mazda 6 estate to lessen the back dropping when hitched up, they work a treat and they are cheap and easy to fit. 


You need to measure the the gap between the spring coils with no weight being carried by the suspension in order to buy the correct size. 

Cheaper than the mad springs it would appear. But Mad work out which springs for you.

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Most people establish the nose weight of their van as usually packed for a trip. Unless you wildly change what you are carrying, and you re-pack your caravan in a known way as most of us do, there is

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When unladen some caravans have a noseweight well in excess of the towbar limit, others have almost zero noseweight. It’s always a matter of adjusting to suit.

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