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Do you use your oven?

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On 18/10/2020 at 12:05, clarkey1984 said:

Our old abbey had a whatever the factory fitted gas oven was, 2 hours and 40 minutes after putting some fish fingers in to cook for our then three year old, they still weren't cooked, the oven was removed when we got home and replaced with microwave, which has since been replaced again with a microwave which also doubles as an oven, although we retained the original gas grill and the hob, as those still work fine.


My parents had an early 80's eccles when i was about 14 and our home oven heating element broke.... on christmas day, after some jiggery pokery breaking the bone of it so it was low enough to fit in, we cooked the christmas turkey in that caravan gas oven that year. 

Well done. Thats the spirit!


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As the OP its been great reading through all the comments.  Well we have just got home from our 1st time away in the caravan. I'm pleased to report back to you all the hob oven and microwave were

Do you use your oven? Of course we do. Ever since we've had caravans and MHs with ovens they've always been used, otherwise it's just an expensive cupboard!  

Very much our take on caravanning in general, we don't view it as a "holiday" just something we do as part of "living" be that at home of away. So things like the oven, shower, loo, TV etc are used ju

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On 01/10/2020 at 16:07, smith100s said:

New to caravaning and having looked at a few the ovens and grills appear to never been used. We plan on using ours regularly so I wondered what the consensus was amongst the caravantalk community?


Are they useless or do people just prefer not to oven cook when caravaning? 

Yes, all the time.


I think the reason a lot of caravan ovens always look brand new in caravans is that while they do get used, everything gets cleaned down fully after each trip :)


Apart from longer summer and half term break, our caravan comes back from storage, is cleaned within an inch of it's life, packed, towed to a site and used for 2 nights, towed home and again cleaned within an inch of it's life before going back to storage haha




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