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Damp meter recommendation

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I'm looking for a recommendation for a damp meter for DIY use in our caravan please.  Something I can order in from one of the usual major online retail suspects would be good.


When we had our 'van serviced at the tail end of August the mobile tech said that the nearside front and rear panels had cracks in the top corners and that the damp reading behind them was 25%.  However there was evidence that a repair had been attempted and the values either side of the direct spot were only 10% and almost everywhere else in the van was below that.  So he couldn't be sure if it was an active leak or one that had been sealed before we bought it in July and was still in the process of drying out.


He recommended that we check it again in a couple of months and see which direction things were going before looking at any further action, so I find myself in need of a damp meter to check - hence the question.


I should say there are no visible signs within the van of any water ingress.  No water or damp marks on the walls, no musty / mouldy smell and the wall board is still firm to the touch.  And we've been in the van during some pretty heavy rain and not observed anything so I'm hopeful that even if it is a leak it's a small one I can catch early.


The van is a 2008 Bailey Ranger 460/2.


Many thanks.

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You don’t need anything expensive, so a Google search should find a good few. Here’s one from Amazon 




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Thank you, it was the huge range of choice that led to a request for a recommendation!


Glad to say we’ve just checked the ‘van and the readings have dropped 10% from the service, even after all the rain we had when we went away at the beginning of the month. So hopefully the problem was fixed prior to our buying it and it’s just drying out. Fingers crossed for the winter!

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To get a more accurate reading you also need to measure the damp value under the surface, which you cannot do with the pin detector...needs to be  ultra sonic one....

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