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Mystery switch on Abbey spectrum 540 2005

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Hi guys, I have a mystery switch on my abbey spectrum that lights up when on but have absolutely no idea where or what for, has anyone else had an abbey that knows what it does? It's the switch on the left of the control panel. I will add a photo! 





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I am looking at the wiring diagram for an Eccles Elite of the same year as yours. 


You should have an on-board water tank. The last switch on the Sargent panel will show the water level in the tank on the analogue dial. 

For the other switch you are not sure about, carefully remove the surround with a screwdriver and look at the colours of the wired connections to the switch. They might be purple and purple/brown in which case the switch is for tank filling from an external pump. 

You can download a handbook for 2005 at https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/owners/handbooks



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