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Burstner Lux wall sagging - for the love of all that's good please help

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My vans kitchen floor is delaminated which bugs me but I know I need to brace it level,  inject epoxy and weight it down for two days to relaminate it.


My real issue is the psychological effect of seeing that one of the walls seems to have moved a centimeter down from the roof and a centimeter out from the back of the closet. This can be seen in the attached image.


Any information on what has caused this and/or how to fix it would be much appreciated.


I used to rebuild engines so handwork and jacking the wall up shouldn't be an issue. From my (currently limited but hopeful) understanding the floor has sagged and the wall has perhaps slipped off the edge of the floor and I need to Jack the wall up and then use L brackets to fix it back onto the edge of the floor.


Please assist if you know anything relevant.


Yours truly


Scared Van Man 9000


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The floor has sagged because the layers have separated.   You have three layers - the top layer of plywood; a second  layer of polystyrene and a third layer of plywood - all bonded into a solid mass.   The internal wall is no doubt fixed to the floor with screws and being a stronger fixing, has come away from the ceiling as the floor has sagged.   Get the floor properly glued into a solid slab and in turn the wall will stop flexing.    An easy fix for anyone capable.

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