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Panoramic windows

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I bought my 2016 Swift Conqueror two years ago and it now needs the panoramic window replacing due to leaks. It is bonded to the caravan in the way car windscreen are bonded and can't be resealed so must be replaced in total.

The question I ask is Are panoramic windows a poor piece of design?

They reduce cupboard space but most of all turn the van into a greenhouse.

I know they have blinds but they don't keep the heat out.

Were they thrussed on us by deigners who never caravan?

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Yes, a poor idea - simply expensive bling. You can see that the concept is more aimed at reducing assembly time than anything else. I think our Challenger was thrown together in about half an hour. 



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Can’t see how it reduces assembly time. Ok it saves fitting a couple of unuseable cupboards possibly, fitting the window ( properly) plus the surround plus blind must take longer. Personally I like the panoramic window in my Swift. Aesthetically better than the one fitted to the Baileys particularly the previous Unicorns.

My only criticism of the Swift window is that the blind operates the wrong way so you can’t let the heat out at the top by leaving a small gap like all of the other windows. 

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We’ve had them on the last four Swifts & think they’re great, BUT they need fitting properly to ensure they don’t leak. We leave it’s blind half open to help reduce heat build up and put a couple of cheap throws over the seats to help stop the sun bleaching them.


On the previous three caravans we always left the blind closed as I hadn’t heard of the heat build up problem with no ill effects. However, now I know about them I err on the side of caution.

2018 Volvo V90 and 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB

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The only time ours is closed is at night.


Have seen a couple where they seem to have collapsed or been sucked in at the top attributed to heat build up, apparently?



                      Stay safe - Griff.:ph34r:

Discovery 4 with a Bessacarr 845 behind

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Ours on are elegance has just cracked while sat in it , what a nightmare just glad it wasn’t in storage as the water just poured in luckily we saw it !! Is this def a manufacturing issue ? 

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