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How do you get your caravan "fix" when at home?

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I brought ours back from Storage and put on the drive last week for two reasons, one, we did have a booking for this Thursday for a week away so it needed a good clean and sort out (Now deferred till March) and secondly we have or hope to have a new bathroom being fitted sometime in November and had always planned to camp out in the van whilst we are Karzi and shower less in our main bathroom, and we can demonstrate to our tradesman we are practicing good Covid and social distancing measures.

Not sure if that's classed as a fix but at least some of its features will be used during the next few weeks, hopefully....


2018 Volvo XC60  D4 AWD + Penshurst Premier Plus (AKA Elddis Affinity 550)

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43 minutes ago, Dave Capiro owner said:

I'm in mine at the moment working as I'm isolating. It's not great really, I'd rather work in the house and use the van for leisure only but needs must.

working?  so what are you doing on here ? :D

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Our caravan is in the back garden. I have a passing interest in bird photography, so during lockdown I hung feeders close  to the caravan and with the window fully open but blind half up to make a camera slot, I was able to relax on comfy seat, cup of coffee (lunch when the wife joined me) and an iPad for the quiet moments.





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'How do you get your caravan "fix" when at home?'


 - We don't and I'm not sure I would want to... we love the caravan, a lot, and love being away in it but some of the appeal comes from the excitement of looking forward to the 5 or 6 trips we get in each year. An extra couple of trips would be amazing, but I think if we were using the caravan most weeks/months it might dilute the 'fix' a little.


Short answer,,, we're lucky and never have to wait more than a few months between trips so we don't feel the need for a fix when looking forward to the next one.


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