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Looking For 5/6 Berth Caravan With Fix Bunk Beds To One End and Fix Double To The Other End

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Hello Friends, 


As per title, I'm looking for a 5/6 berth caravan with fixed double bed in one end and fixed bunk beds in the other end. The caravan will be used primary for sleeping and eating meals so a big lounge is not really necessary. It will be more like a "Bed & Breakfast" caravan for us.


So far I came across the Caravelair Antares Luxe 486, and wondering if are there any other options out there?


Again, the beds must be fixed, not be the usual sofa or dinette that converts into a sleeping area. 


Thanks a lot for your insight. 

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Hello! Have a look at the Knaus caravans website. 


Also, Elddis have a twin axle with the fixed bunks and bed next to each other at the back. 

2018 Octavia vRS 245 TSI Estate & 2016 Adria Altea 552 DT Tamar

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This might fit the bill, but I'm not sure if you can get Dethleffs caravans directly from UK dealers?




The fact is that with UK vans, you are highly unlikely to have a fixed beds of any sort at opposite ends of a van. There will almost always be a sofa bed arrangement in the front living area, with variations on double, twin or bunk beds at the other end. Also, where do you envisage dining, and how many are to dine at any one time? With e.g. the Elddis/Compass 586, there are bunks at the rear, and you could leave the front sofa bed permanently made up (which you say you don't want to), but the side dinette only sits two.


As you have seen, you are far more likely to find fixed beds at both ends in continental vans, chiefly French or German layouts. Whether or not that means a trip across the channel to source exactly what you are after, I don't know. 


Good luck finding your ideal van.

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