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Whether you are experienced in owning a Caravan and renewing your insurance or buying for the first time, your insurance is an important aspect.  A Caravan is no small investment, so when the unthinkable happens, its a bit like wearing a 'Crash helmet', you didnt want one, but when you fell off you needed the very best one you could find!

So we at Engineer Aftercare Caravan Warranty as an official partner to CaravanTalk have some top tips to Buying and Renewing Caravan Insurance:


  1. Decide what cover you need before you even start looking to buy!  A: Where will you store your Caravan, B: Do you plan to tow in the EU for long periods and is it C: Simply going to be 'Cheap as chips' cover because its an older van or is it D: A major investment and as such you need a quality product that might be a little bit more expensive.
  2. Shop around!  If you stay with a single insurer, its not likely they will love you for it, in fact in many cases you get a really good value first year then knowing you will stay, an insurer puts up the price in year 2 (Because your first year was subsidized as a 'New' customer they say!).  This is a rubbish excuse for simply putting up your premium!
  3. Dont be afraid to say how much the best quote or your renewal premium is!  Because insurers get some good discounts they can apply to capture your sale.  Use that and save money.
  4. When your ready, go to sites like CaravanTalk or review sites like Trust Pilot and Feefo to see what people say about them..  Bad news travels fast so see what others say.
  5. So, now you have a small list of say 3 to call or go online to buy from, buying online is fine but try to do it direct NOT through comparison sites.  Ideally speak to a real person or choose a company you have compared, dont be afraid to ask questions such as 'If I have an accident, will YOU my insurer or a claim company I dont know, deal with my claim?  Because some companies almost disown you and leave you to the mercies of the claim management company.
  6. Have to hand your full documents, your details, mobile and email address so once you are happy and you like the premium then you can buy.
  7. Its not always a good idea to keep your insurance documents in the vehicle but it is a good idea to keep the claim numbers to call, or simply photograph your 'How to make a claim' or 'Advice in the event of an accident' pages to refer to.
  8. Buying insurance is very similar to buying your own warranty when a previous one has ended, decide what you want, shop around and call with full details to hand. 

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This is a great guide, I just found great insurance cover with Ripe via caravansinsured.co.uk it was way cheaper than my old insurance and has £0 excess #cheaperinsurance #wellchuffed

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