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Independent Sites in Northumberland

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Hi guys does anyone know of any smallish independent sites where you can get a little seclusion or just some space around the Northumberland area. Just came back from a trip to a C&C club in dumfries and tbh, ive never seen so many vans crammed so close together, hardly room to move. Put me right of and is making me question our membership and whether or not C&C sites are for us.. 


I know these are weird times and they are probably desperate to claw some money back this year, but it really was unreal, could barely open the car door because the couple next to us had to park their car so close to ours. 

Any advice welcome to, if i might be missing a trick and should stick with the clubs but look into CL sites perhaps ? I do understand they need to maximise space and cover overheads, admin etc etc.. but my last few experiences of C&C and CAM have been the same, really regimented and a feeling of being on a huge estate... with rows and rows of regimented vans. 

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Railway Inn at Acklington

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 As close to the Scottish border as you can get. Chain bridge Berwick on Tweed, adult only, 15 'van site next to the Honey Farm.     http://www.chainbridgecaravansite.co.uk/index.php  

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Chainbridge, about 5 miles from Berwick.  You didn't mention whether you have kids, but this site is adults only.  If you're into fishing, the River Tweed is on the other side of the lane from the site, down the bottom of the valley.  If your car is heavier than 2 tons, don't cross the bridge, just a couple of hundred yards away.  You can walk if you wish, it will take you right into Scotland:D

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36 minutes ago, Connie said:

West Kyloe Farm

Sadly, West Kyloe has decided not to open at all this year. 


We were booked in for a few days in May as the start of our summer tour but in March,  due to the worsening coronavirus situation advised us that the site would not be opening for Easter which is normally the start of their season.  Then lockdown came and the decision to remain closed for the year was made.


 It is an absolutely superb little site too.  One of our favourites in fact.

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A few years ago we stayed at Seafield caravan park at Seahouses, which is mostly statics but some touring pitches, when we were there it was quiet,  and the facilities are first class.




Seahouses is lovely, the beach is fantastic and it's a good base to exploring much of the area north and south.


If Seafield isn't to your liking there's another  site for tourers only nearby https://www.westfieldpaddock.co.uk/

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