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Ideas for a cause and solution with leaking toilet?

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We have a Swift 586 2015 caravan. We bought it last July. Around Nov last year I noticed that the right side of the toilet was a bit high on readings over 20. I therefore made sure to fully empty flusher tank etc and heated the bathroom a lot. I got the reading back to sensible.


We have just been away in the van for around 2 weeks and the readings on the floor are again high highest is 27. I am trying to work out what is causing this? I never physically see anything go onto floor that isn't cleaned up quickly.

Anyone any ideas and easy ways to check rather than taking to a engineer who may charge quite a bit?

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Best guess would be that the flush tank has a leak or split somewhere that is allowing water to run down underneath the loo.

I am guessing that you have checked the reading before you went away and it was still lower and only use of the caravan loo has increased it.

Has the cassette  door seal been checked for water tightness?  Could the change in position and it being more exposed to rain have increased things?

Next thing I'd check would be the cassette itself and how it seals with the loo, i take it you see no evidence of leakage when you remove the cassette.

Unaware of the bathroom layout, could it be a leaking sink/ shower tray tap or waste. I'd rule all of those out before starting to strip the loo down.

If it's a Thetford I've always found them helpful on the phone and worth a call before starting anything.

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Thanks. I have noticed some leaking down below in the cassette area so it could well just be that.  I will see if can do that at weekend. Do you think it's ending up on floor somehow which isn't a nice thought thinking about it. 


I was thinking fill tank leak but don't want to have to remove toilet really if can get away with it. 

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You havent said where precisely you are getting these readings, however I will take a punt as follows.

In my opinion the most likely cause is the rinse water which squirts out towards the right. It sometimes squirts a bit too fast and will easily squirt right under the seat where you cant even see it and run down the outside of the toilet case molding, again unseen. This will likely seep under the case and may be into the floor material.

If your high readings are in the wall board then I would look at first the window, then the cassette door and rinse water filler.

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Its right hand side of the toilet itself. In my caravan the toilet is in the middle washroom on one side.  The wall board is GRP so can't get a reading on that. Today going to get seal to replace that on cassette. Then will be having a look at weekend to see if I can discover that is going on. 

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