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Help finding correct annexe for my magnum blue 230 porch

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Hi I am trying to get a annex for my old magnum blue 230 porch  I have seen several isabella annexes in a 220 measurement but would love advice as don't want to buy one that will not fit my porch.  Thank you in advance for any help given. 


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In recent years Isabella have sold two sizes of annex and in two types.  Your Magnum requires the 220 Size.  the other size is 250 which will be to big and will not fit. (it does fit the newer 250 Magnum.) 


They have also sold both sizes in two types. 

A Tall Annex- of which there are many on a well known auction site such as this one


They provide a very nice, full height room on the side.  Be aware they do have lots of poles etc.


The other type is the 'Future Annex'  much rarer, also sold in 220 (your size) and 250 sizes.  Similar to this one (which is a 250 and will not fit your awning)  

 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Isabella-Future-Annex-250-Magnum-250-Ambassador-Commodore-Capri/324248666732?hash=item4b7eba026c:g:q6MAAOSwVoNfJwoz these are smaller but only have one pole and very quick to put up.  We use one  of these (220) as a storage room on the side of our Magnum 230.

Kia KX 3 auto / Bailey Alicanto Grande Estoril and Swift Challenger 570 (2010 model Not towed - used as a static)

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