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CaravanTalk July 2020 Newsletter

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For anyone who missed it (it's only sent to members).


As promised we are focussing this newsletter on Caravan and Motorhome Insurance. It's not got off to a great start. I just wrote almost the entire newsletter without saving and... you guessed it.

It's probably not a bad thing because I think that I can summarise the whole start to the newsletter with  the following:

  • Our most common discussion topic when it comes to insurance is cost
  • The most common problem is policy inclusions and exclusions when claiming

The cheapest policies we ever came across were so often complained about, because of exclusions, that the members of this and many other forums were up in arms. We got sent so many solicitors letters by the company in question, demanding content be deleted, that we had to add their brand name to our bad word filter to get it automatically removed.

But how do you work out what inclusions and exclusions you should be concerned about and which are just 'nice to have' when all you have is your experience and imagination.

Fortunately, we have the combined and actual experiences of thousands of members going back to 2005 to help you make a decision.

Our members are always willing to share experiences, good and bad if you ask. The CaravanTalk Insurance section is well worth keeping an eye on and not just once a year at renewal time.


Insurance Questions Answered

As promised we've sent some questions asked by members over to Caravan Guard and you'll find their answers at the bottom of this email.


We have another article about buying a caravan, this time from our member BOAC and I think you'll be impressed with the level of detail and effort that he's put into it:
Buying a Caravan? What you need to know in our articles section

and the same article in the forum where you can leave comments.


New Trade Members helping to keep CaravanTalk free!

Keeping your caravan or motorhome safe  is not just about insurance and we'd like to welcome the support of our new trade members:

Purple Line - Beat crime with the Fullstop Security Range

Tracker - Stolen vehicle recovery and telematics

Phantom - Tracking for caravan, motorhome and car


Calling all Dealers and Storage Sites

We're busy trying to make sure that our dealer directory is up to date. Take a look here and get back to us with any updates.


Please help keep CaravanTalk free and independent by taking a look at what our commercial partners can offer:

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Caravan Insurance Questions and Answers by Caravan Guard 

What inclusions and exclusions to a caravan policy are the most important?

We’d always advise making sure your policy covers awnings damaged by storms. This is a common claim and can be an exclusion on some policies but is included with Caravan Guard.

Usually, a caravan policy will have security requirements such as wheel clamp and hitch lock as a minimum, and maybe extra security requirements if the caravan is of higher value. If the required security is not fitted, theft cover will not be in force.

A policy will usually advise the caravan’s water system has to be completely drained down over winter otherwise claims for cracked pipes and escape of water will not be covered in that period.

Caravan Guard’s policy does allow owners to include or exclude certain cover elements such as European cover or emergency accommodation cover so owners can tailor their policy to meet their needs.

What is claimed for the most with caravan insurance?

The three biggest types of claims are:

  • Accidental damage claims mostly involving no third parties – so mishaps such as reversing into walls or trees, taking corners too tightly and scraping a wall.
  • Theft of caravans and their equipment
  • Storm damage to the caravan and awning.
  • Other fairly common claims include fire damage, snaking, tyre blow outs and detachments

Will trackers reduce my insurance premium?

Yes we offer a 15% discount for tracking devices which use GPS or VHF technology to locate a stolen caravan – you can see a list of approved devices we’re aware of on our website at https://www.caravanguard.co.uk/touring-caravan-insurance/tracking-devices.php.

If a unit is Thatcham Category S7 or S5 (or was previously Category 6 or 7) approved we’ll generally accept it but there are one or two others we accept without Thatcham approval. Note we insist a device has to be professionally monitored which gives the best chance of recovery following theft. We don’t accept self-monitored devices.

A tracking device is by no means a guarantee of a recovery after theft, but we do get the majority back. Our recommendation would always be to pick a proactive model. No-one can keep an eye on their caravan 24 hours a day. A proactive device will send an alert if your ‘van is moved or broken into. It means it can soon be established whether it’s a genuine theft taking place or a false alert. The quicker police can be notified of a genuine theft obviously the likelihood of recovery without significant damage is much higher.

How does age impact your premium and why?

With Caravan Guard we offer a 10% discount for over 30’s to reflect maturity of the driver. This discount reduces to 5% for those over 70. Of course we do analyse claims by age of driver and it doesn’t seem to have a huge impact in the same way it does on motor insurance. We have no upper limit for age of owner on our caravan policy.

Is there a good make/model/age of caravan to buy to reduce insurance?

Of course there are models that come fully loaded with security and safety features. Usually the top of the range models will come with tracking device (15% discount), Al-Ko Secure axle wheel lock (10% discount), alarms (5% discount), ATC electronic stability (5% discount) and even reversing cameras (5% discount). Most new models will have some sort of device that can earn you a discount.

Many models have just the receiver for the AL-KO Secure lock, meaning if owners then purchase the optional lock they can get a healthy insurance discount and have the peace of mind on what we believe is the most secure wheel lock available.


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