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Carver heater gas input pipe

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Why do the carver heaters have a steel inlet pipe, can it not be replaced by a length of copper 1/4” pipe? I’ve seen somewhere due to high temperatures but surely the corrosion problem is more worrying than the remote chance of melting the copper. Just removed 1800 heater from an Avondale kingfisher 86 and the pipe was rotten

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I see no reason why you can't replace steel pipe with copper tube - providing you get the pipework pressure tested on completion.    I don't know why steel pipe should have been used 1986.   Ten years earlier copper tubing was scarce and expensive.   In 1970, I wanted to install central heating in my house and because in the same year, Rhodesia had become a republic and broke ties with the UK, the world copper price rocketed.   Consequently I had to settle for using 10mm micro bore copper tubing with 3/4" steel tubing to the manifolds.      By the end of the century, the steel pipes were beginning to show signs of leakage, so I had no alternative other than to replace the 3/4" steel with 22mm copper.

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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