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Changes to task lights above sink in a 2020 Commodore

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After four nights away in the new Bucc, has anyone wired the LED downlighters above the sink and worktop separately from the LED strip directly above the plastic widow surround behind the sink. They are both on the same switch and are great for tasking but too bright for ambient light. The tiny single floor light by the door is on its own separate switch. A bit odd really. I'm happy to have the floor light and the window surround on the same switch.



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On our Lunar Delta kitchen lights, I independently switched the led downlights (and added a dimmer) from the lights around the cupboard doors.  Makes a much more comfortable working arrangement.

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Found it -

VIPMOON 2 Pack 11-Key RF Mini Wireless Remote Controller with DC Connector for Single Color 3528 5050 LED Strip Lights.

Two for £5.98 from Amazon.co.uk.  I used the other one to isolate the light in the shower cubicle!

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Done it!

Got the dimmers from Amazon and carefully removed the Burka switches and connected the wireless device with Lucar spades behind the switches with NO wire cutting. They can be reinstated with no evidence of intervention  whatsoever! Happy days!! :Thankyou:

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