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motorhome service points

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How much thought goes into the motorhome service points at some caravan and motorhome club sites?


I have just returned from Great Ayton. There are two facilities blocks and in front of each is a motorhome service point. Sounds great!


At one, the grate on the road surface is less than 1 foot away from the kerb. This is on the nearside as you follow the one-way system around. My own motorhome along with a great many others has the grey water outlet on the offside. There is no discernible slope on the ground, and indeed, one motorhome I saw attempt to use this, his waste water happily gurgled out of the drain onto the road surface where after little consideration, it happily made its way across the road to the grass verge opposite. It never even ventured beneath his van!


Having seen this, I walked around to check the second service point. Much better! The grate is about 5 foot from the kerb, but quite close to the start of the layby. I decided to give it a go…


Drove round to it and as there is a steel barrier on the kerb edge at the start of the layby, I gave it a reasonable margin (not wanting black paint or worse along the side of my van). I managed to get reasonably close, but only by putting the front nearside wheel on the pavement! The grate was only about 3 inches inboard of my waste outlet… I tried pulling past and reversing but couldn’t get close!


Back to plan A…


Front wheel back on the pavement. I got out, knelt down and almost gave myself a hernia lifting the grate from under the van…It wasn’t heavy, just at arm’s length away beneath the van.


I gently started to open the waste…


The grey water gently fell to the tarmac where it apparently had a hankering for the opposite side of the road, never even attempting to look at the open grate sat invitingly beneath the van just inches away. I shut the valve and decided to take the grey water home to water some trees!


How hard would it have been to put a sloping pad around the grate to direct water into it?


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The more modern service points have a grate that is the width of the service point so it shouldn't matter which side the waste outlet is on. Whilst the Club is gradually installing this type of service point it will take a few years before all are up to standard. The ones I object to are the ones where you have to lift a heavy drain cover! Does pay to have a short length of hose to direct water to a point that is not near enough to the outlet.



David - Milton Keynes

Bailey Alliance 66-2 Motorhome for holidays and a Kia Venga for home.


Caravan Travels

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