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Hymer Nova 580 2016 awning skirt channel

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We are out on holiday in the caravan for the first time in over a year, so I am gradually finding/remembering little niggles.

Hopefully I will remeber them and fix them when we get home.



The awning channels on the body are fine - robust and the Isabella awning fits it well.


However the channel for the skirt (to stop draughts etc. under the van) are part of the plastic moulding which is attached to the side of the van and hangs below floor level.

The channel here is flimsy plastic and seems to be a smaller gauge than the channels on the main body.

We have already had one half replaced under warranty when it broke as we tried to fit the Isabella skirt.

We sourced a length of generic skirt with a smaller diameter beading and that seemed to fit OK at the time but this trip we had a problem fitting it and the rear channel (behind the wheel) started to crack. I think it was the front one which went last time.


Has anyone else hit this problem?

If so, did you manage to sort it?


Looking at other makes, there is usually an aluminium channel on the side, presumably fixed to the body work.

However on our van the external locker door (gives access to the under bed storage) is flush with the floor which is good for loading/unloading but stops us fitting an aluminium  channel to the side of the van.




Hymer Nova 580 2016 and VW Touareg 2009 SE

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