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Damp repair. Window surround repair.

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Advice needed please - damp repair!  I need to know the dimensions for the wood surround to the windows in my Elddis Odyssey circa 2008.  I’m replacing a small section that has rotted. Eg the Sectional measurements, is it square or rectangular at 16mm x 24mm? Also what adhesive would you recommend?  



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I'm no expert just joind today I'm going to use  roofing timber to rebuild my internal walls only 77p per meter 

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When fitting a completely new window in our Bailey I used 25x50mm treated roofing batten which I already had in the garage. It was marginally oversize but worked ok and I decided against planing to size although I did run the belt sander over it a little because it was rough sawn. The other dimension doesn't matter, the original was about 38mm I think, you would just dig out insulation or cut your batten to original size with a circular saw. I fixed it in place with leftover caravan delamination resin which is similar to Gorilla glue, a little more viscous and it filled any voids. I made the corner fillets using a large hole saw.

It would be a good idea to use masking tape on the inside wallboard and exterior paint or else excess glue might stick the temporary bracing timber in place making it hard to remove when the clamps come off.



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